Movie Review : Coco, its outstanding and must watch flick by Disney-Pixar

Published on Dec 16, 2017 07:52 AM IST
Coco Movie 2017
Coco Movie 2017

The Plot

Coco is 3D animated feature film produced by Pixar Animation studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures on the occasion of Thanksgiving. The story of the movie is based upon the Mexican holiday The day of the dead. The remembrance day on which Mexicans keeps photographs and favorites of their death ancestors and grand parents.

Miguel Revira is 12 year old great grand-son of Coco hails from Revira family. He dreams to be a great musician like Delacruz. Unlikely, the Revira family does not like music and banishes him to persuade his career in music. Because, their great great grand father, the father of Coco has abandoned the entire Revira clan for the sake of music. On finding a photo Miguel believes that Delacruz is his great great grand father, father of coco.

The story takes a turn when Miguel accidentally visits to the land of dead with his stray pet dog. He is accompanied by Hector, a lost guy who wants to visit his family on the Day of Dead by hook or crook. He cracks a deal with Miguel to take him to Delacruz and Miguel will keep his Photo. There is theory in the movie that if photos and remembrances are not made then dead’s soul will no longer exist in the dead of land.

Miguel discovers his dead family and also comes to know that in fact it was Hector who composed all songs for Delacruz. Hector planned to take voluntary retirement and Delacruz given him poison, also stolen his guitar. So, it was Hector who was in the photo which Miguel discovered earlier. Hector is great great grandfather of Miguel.

At last Miguel and family fought with Delacruz and send him back to land of living. Miguel plays the song played by great great grandfather Hector to Coco and movie ends with happy note. Miguel brings back Music to the Revira` s and victory to thee.

Star Cast

  • Anthony Gonzalez as Miguel Revira
  • Gael Garcia Benral as Hector Revira
  • Benjamin Bratt as Dela Cruz
  • Alanna Ubach as Mamá Imelda Rivera
  • Renee Victor as Abuelita Elena Rivera
  • Ana Ofelia Murguía as Mamá Socorro “Coco” Rivera


One of the master pieces produced by Pixar, Coco is pure family drama with good animated. The Mexican background score and music is very peppy. 3D Animation quality of the movie proves to be excellent. Story and narration keeps the audience attached.

Please do not try to resemble it with Corpse Bride (2005), this movie provides you opportunities to learn and explore more about family and ancestors values. And at the end a good and unpredictable eye watering climax makes your day great.

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