Vikram Vedha – Movie of the year 2017

Published on Jan 13, 2018 17:13 PM IST
Vikram Vedha Poster


f you are thinking that Bahubali : The Conclusion (2) was the best movie of 2017 in Indian Cinema then you are quite wrong, interestingly it’s Vikram Vedha topping the charts. Produced in limited budget of 10 Cr outputting 110 Cr with a strong story and background music.

R. Madhavan stars as Vikram joined by Vijay Sethupati as Vedha. Directed and written by couple duo Phuskar-Gaytri, they are the only married couple directors in Asia.


Vikram (R Madhavan) is designated CID Officer assigned with a task to finish up Vedha’s (Sethupati) gang and Vedha himself. Vedha is local gangsta living with younger brother, who in fact is sober and sincere. Vikram encounters few gangsters of Vedha along with vedha’s brother. Vedha comes out of hiding and seeks revenge.

Vikram successfully nabs Vedha on multiple occasions but on all occasions Vedha fleds using his story telling ethics. At last, they both joins the forces and kill off the bad people involved in fake encounters.


Story and screenplay is very fresh and strong, keeps you attach all the time. Coming on background music, quite powerful and leaves you in nostalgia. Direction and editing is superb. Vijay Sethupati is back with a bang, award wining performance. National Awards looks confirm in 2018, we highly recommend our readers to watch this flick and post your own review in comments below.

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